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About us

We are technologists yet humanists,

fascinated by innovative ways to solve business challenges with user-centric software and cutting-edge technology stack. We are a software development company working with highly demanding businesses and organizations that are undergoing rapid change. We transform knowledge and ideas into software solutions that deliver real value to our customers, making them more profitable, competitive and efficient.

Over three decades of experience

We were born in the 90’s, the floppy disks, Walkman and Discman era, the world wide web was taking its first steps.
We developed in Cobol, we sold hardware that was way much more expensive than software and we had no mobile phones at the time.The computers just had a 10 Mb hard disk capacity (and that was incredible for that period of time
We also used needle printers and communicate with our clients through fax.

Why we emphazise the G from Softingal?

The G stands out from our brand, what does it mean for us?

our ultimate goal is to boost growth within our clientes, adding value one line of code at a time

we commit with a dedicated team to deliver the best service

In order to assemble the G we need 4 pieces

Human Centric

We focus on user experience. We promote the well-being of the team and work-life balance life


We are proud of what we deliver. We have a Can Do Attitude


We are permanently unsatisfied, we always try to go further, searching for the latest innovations


We are honest, transparent and humble 

Our Team, Your Team. Our people make us

We are lucky to have high skilled peopleboth human side and skill set. They are passionate about always delivering more, in developing the best innovative and disrupting solutions

Agostinho Vieira


Agostinho , most known for Engineer Vieira ( in Portugal we still treat the more experienced people with their titles) , could be also named as Mr Why – when a new project or new feature is droping he is not happy till the Product Owner or the Clients answers 3 times Why. ​
He is smart and Sharp and has a great focus on Customer satisfation and in Innovation.​
He has for the last 30 years has been an amazing teacher and tutor to all our trainees that he keeps pushing ahead.​

On his spare time he plays like a child with his 3 grandchildren, cooks deliciously and never stops learning.​
Sports? Swiming and In the last teambuilding he became a padlle affitionate.

Pedro Ferreira


Pedro Ferreira is one of the most complete Senior Developers we’ve ever had. He has a great mind, understands customer problems quickly, is good at designing robust architecture and backend and cares a lot about the user interface.​He is never satisfied and is eager to go the extra mile in every project..

He used to be a football player but, after some serious injuries that left him unable to play high impact sports, he now dedicates himself to working out at the gym.​
Besides keeping fit in his spare time, he loves to travel abroad.

Andreia Vieira


Andreia, also known as Andreia Gémea (that means twin in Portuguese, yesshe has na identical twin sister what can be confusing sometimesis responsible for Business Development and Employee ExperienceShe is the daughter of the CEO and founder and after 10 years of working in some of the biggest companies in Portugal she joined Softingal.Her life motto is Less is More, she likes to keep it simple and beautiful.She is creativetransparent and brings joy to every relation she establishes.

In her spare times, besides taking care of her 3 childrem, you can find her doing Yoga, doing some workshops (from caligraphy, User Experience, Visual Thinking), buying some new book (she is addicted), or exploring some functional and healthy meals. She also loves to travel ad discover new spots in town.​

Gil Martins


Gil used to be a Developer but has spent the last 10 years as a Consultant and Product Owner. Have any questions about the peculiar Portuguese salary legislation? Ask Gil 🙂

Gil is a very fun person. He has many amusing stories to tell and a great attention to detail. ​He is also known for his “Local Food Guide”, as he knows the best places to eat delicious Portuguese food.​In his spare time he dedicates himself to crafts. Recently he built a children’s balance bike from scratch. Awesome!​​

Carlos Lima


Carlos is a Computer Engineer. ​
He is an expert in Databases, Information Architecture, Cybersecurity Systems, Hardware and Virtual Machines.​
He is an ever-expanding pool of knowledge, always completing new courses and acquiring more certifications.

He only sleeps 5 hours a day and is always ON. So, yes, we can call him a workaholic nerd 😉.​Despite this, he is always in a good mood and never anxious or stressed.​
In his free time, he loves to travel with his wife.

Vitor Teixeira


Vitor is a Developer and has worked for the company since 2000. Besides developing, he also supports our clients in their daily tasks and questions. He is known for his unwavering kindness.

In his spare time he loves to sleep and rest in Marco de Canaveses, his hometown, surrounded by nature.​

Helena Botelho


Helena is a computer engineer and is responsible for the ERP systems department. She is an expert in all matters related to accounting, invoicing and payroll compliance. She knows all the processes a company has and how software can help it. That’s what makes her such an excellent Product Owner.​She has great communication skills and deals with the team and clients in a masterly way. ​

In her free time, she loves to cook and travel.

João Duarte


João Duarte is one of our Account Managers. He has a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management and is quickly becoming a master in the software industry.​
He has a close and professional relationship with our clients, is a good listener and proposes new solutions to solve challenging problems.

Has a huge passion for music. The clarinet and saxophone are his instruments of choice.​
In his spare time he can be found playing in a Cuban band.

Here’s a glimpse of our team members, many of whom our clients will get to know across their projects.

Softingal Cares

We give 6 extra mornings or afternoons plus the birthday off

Softingal Learns

Every month we share what we have learned and each team member is invited to take an afternoon a month off to learn something new 

Softingal Summer time

During summer the schedule on Fridays is 8-3pm or 9-4pm

Softingal Gemba Day

Each team member must go and see on the ground a client using our solutions

Some photos of us!



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Find Out More!