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Nearshore outsourcing allows companies to tap into a diverse pool of talented developers located in nearby countries, who can provide high-quality work at a lower cost than hiring in-house staff.​

We believe in the importance of building strong relationships with our nearshore outsourcing partners and fostering a sense of collaboration and teamwork. ​Portugal is known for having the best universities in the world when it comes to tech courses.

Additionally, many Portuguese people have the ability to speak different languages (usually fluent in English, Spanish and French). ​We are lucky to be able to attract the best talented developers.

We don’t want to sound arrogant… but the Portuguese do IT Great/Better! Why?

Best Universities
Language Levels
Soft Skills

Ok…. But Why Softingal?

Power to attract
Long Term Partnerships


The know-how, the academic background of his paintings, the vast knowledge of business processes in different areas and the experience of 26 years of market, make Softingal-Software And Consulting, LTD. a reference company in the implementation of processes aimed at digital transformation.We apply the knowledge coming from the areas of Engineering and model the Business Processes of Organizations.. As a matter of fact, the operation of companies is a chain of processes whose aim is to respond to the needs of the market, This is:customer oriented.

Our focus is the Elimination of waste and the increase of earnings in the entire value chain, as the customer is not available to pay costs, but benefits.
Use pragmatic methodologies, based on models already tested and guaranteed. Examples of these approaches the application of Canvas model, GEMBA, Lean, Value Stream Mapping, among other.Softingal alignment with the requirements of an increasingly digital and dematerialized is a differentiating factor in your value proposition.As Customers and Suppliers are part of the same ecosystem the Softingal proposes to improve the business activity of enterprises.If you want to, increase the turnover of your company, improve processes, mapping the value chain, increase the profitability of the operations or decrease costs, the Softingal – Consulting, LDA can be the enabler (Facilitator) that I was looking for.

With the increasingly competitive market, and with the largest consumer requirement, the companies are faced daily with various panoramas: need for resolution of business problems, lack of ability to streamline processes, absence of key factors to increase the productivity of your employees, among other aspects. With this, looking for software and/or applications adjusted to their specific business areas.

The Softingal your activity focuses on solving specific needs of each client.

For that, develops software solutions in close partnership with customers, so that the action is sustained and based on concepts and practices that improve business processes in companies.For such, develops custom solutions tailored to each business reality. If you have a problem that I would like to optimize, If you need a development as can count on the know-how of various contributors to the development of adaptive solutions, customized, as well as, total delivery for the resolution of your problem.


With the implementation of a software as the advantages are numerous, as for example:

  • Decreased time to implementation and training;
  • Reduction of production errors;
  • Ability to create systems that adapt to existing reality (flexibility);
  • Creating targeted systems for operators, ergonomic and easy to understand;
  • The whole process can be accomplished in order to respond to all the needs of different areas, reaching so the scope of the project;
  • If it is built on open source will be possible future hiring new programmers and so continue the work previously developed;
  • Reducing the cost of ownership.


The request came from development company in the area of optics, with 30 shops and whose goal is to provide excellent service and integral optical proximity area.
The target market is across all ages and with purchasing power medium or medium high.
Customers favour the personal contact and knowledge of the shopkeeper. In addition to a high quality service is the differentiator factor providing all optical services ranging from a simple sale of optical consumables to the consultation of the client’s visual capacity.The biggest challenge was to develop a global and central application with Web technologies changing completing the previous mode works.

Development Stack